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An Introduction to the City of Jalalabad

Jalalabad city is located in the east of the country due to its geographical importance, a border and commercial city. The city had 5 km of area under the 5 year survey plan and 3 year master plan which only detailed plans were made for the population of 5 people. Reach and population of more than one million is due to deteriorating security situation in Nangarhar province and neighboring provinces (Kunar, Nuristan, Laghman) and more due to the commercial status of Jalalabad city. People from other provinces and families who have moved to this city for employment and employment.

However, the city of Jalalabad, which was laid by Jalal-ud-din Akbar in the year 6, had a wall of staircases and walkways that made it easy to walk around and had four gates. (Kabuli, Hadi, Peshawar, Behsudi) and the whole city is covered by these walls, covering an area of ​​six acres with a population of hundreds of families and the potential for the development of new cities. The population is planned to reach hundreds of thousands now.

The city of Jalalabad, whose history dates back to the Jalaluddin Akbar period, was earlier known as Hadi, south of Jalalabad city, which is the settlement and the nearest trading area where there are archaeological sites called Hada. More than 2,000 years ago, various types of murals were removed, some of which were sold to Kabul museums and most to the mafia of cultural and national assets in neighboring countries.
Although initially the rivers of Kabuli and Kani river had some good effect on the climate of Jalalabad city, the burning heat of Jalalabad was so deep that it caused the Jalalabad settlers to swim three times in the summer. General Chat Chat Lounge But when the Canal Canal extended from west of Jalalabad in the 7th year to Hazarnaw, in the 8th year, the lower and upper slopes and the desert that had previously had a burning heat like the Tibi, with the establishment of gardens, farms. Jalalabad's message of everlasting spring and the city of Jalalabad was ready and accommodated in the summer and winter.

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