The Jalalabad municipality is a local organization founded according to the principle of decentralization of administration and for the management of local affairs such as standard reconstruction and construction, urban sanitation and the welfare of its inhabitants. The municipality is a city administration system, consisting of two units called the City Council and the Municipality Administration

Massage from Jalalabad Municipality Mayor

2 months 3 weeks ago

We see cities as economic drivers for development. To do so, we need to improve living conditions and services in urban centers. In fact, Afghanistan's cities are the driving wheel of socio-economic development, good governance, and peace. Jalalabad City has a great potential to improve livelihoods, increase economic growth, and provide affordable and safe housing and appropriate services, to utilize this potential we are committed to facilitating the investment opportunities for private sector. As the urbanization process in Jalalabad continues, which will be completed in the future, it will create a great opportunity to promote sustainable urban development, balanced and organized economic growth.

Eng Abasin Bahir (Jalalabad Mayor)
eng abasin bahir