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An Introduction to the City of Jalalabad

Jalalabad city is the capital of Nangarhar province, it is one of the five largest cities and the center of the eastern zone of the country, which is adjacent to Pakistan and the transit center of the eastern zone of Afghanistan. Jalalabad Municipality was established in 1934. The population of Jalalabad city according to the information of the Central Statistics Office in 1978 was 268,637 people and according to the prediction of Jalalabad Municipality is over a million people.

As well as, the city of Jalalabad has about 40,000 residential units. Jalalabad city is located in the northern part of Nangarhar province and has an area of approximately 40 square kilometers. Meanwhile, agricultural lands cover 44% of the total area of the city. In addition, most residential areas and the density of houses are between first, second, third, fourth and fifth districts. Jalalabad city has 9 districts and Jalalabad municipality has about 215 civil servants in its organizational structure and 701 people are contracted employees, the average ratio of total municipal staff to house is 56.

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